Connect with travelers and get info before your journey

Fly Match will help you to connect with leisure or business travelers.
Get information of your flights and destination. The app has also features that will make your journey more secure.


Why flymatch?

You'll love it because...

FlyMatch is an app that app will allow you to have features that will ease your journey.

Match and meet

Connect with travelers and meet them at the airport or at destination.

Info Destination

Get information about your destination, such as your flight, the weather, local news and visa.

Currency Exchange

Know your currency exchange before reaching your destination.

SOS Button

Choose your emergency contact and inform him/her in case of emergency. Let’s hope never!

Travel Advisor

Receive information from your embassy about the security risk level of your destination.

Travel Insurance

Purchase your travel insurance before you go for your peace of mind!


Purchase or just compare flights, hotels and rental cars best deals.

Medicine Translator

Find out which name have Drugs and medicines you usually take in the anywhere else in the world.


Download the Fly Match mobile app.

About us

The Fly Match Team have experience in travelling across about 50 countries around the world. In this fast-moving environment and with “sharing is caring” motto in our mind, we felt the urge to make an App that would have connected travelers across the globe. An App created by travelers for travelers. We still are nomad, and we brought our travel past experiences together with the ongoing business travel expertise to help other travelers (like us) enjoy their trips and share tips and hints with others. Our goal is not only making travel experience more interesting but also making it safer.






Travel Expert